Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is “something conceived in the mind of an individual and made available to other individuals.” *

Intellectual property includes:

  • copyright
  • trademarks
  • patents

Copyright is part of intellectual property; it protects the rights and financial interests of the intellectual property owner.

Excerpt from Red Deer Public School Board Intellectual Property Rights Policy:

“[T]he Board of Trustees is generally considered the first owner of copyright on all pedagogical materials which teachers and other employees create or adapt in the course of their employment with the Red Deer Public School District and for which there is no written agreement that the employee will maintain or assume ownership of

Policies may differ between school boards. View the entire policy here:
Policy and Regulation: 5.06.08 – Intellectual Property Rights (PDF)

*(The Computer as an Educational Tool: Productivity and Problem Solving (5th Ed) by Descy & Forcier, 2006, p45)


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