Copyright or Copywrong?

Copyright MattersCopyright Matters is “[a] booklet designed to inform educators and school boards about copyright issues.” It is published jointly by Council of Ministers of Education, the Canadian School Boards Association, and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation.

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I’ll Be Scanned! QR Codes in Education

QR codes (aka Quick Response codes) are everywhere, from newspapers and magazines, to billboards and bus benches. You can even find them in classrooms!

You can scan these codes with your smartphone for shortcuts to URLs and all kinds of other information.

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QR in the Classroom

Scan Me with your Smartphone

Information Literacy

Information Literacy is the ability to find, analyze/evaluate, and use information.

Media Literacy

Media Literacy is the ability to find, analyze/evaluate, understand, and use media.

Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy is the ability to interpret and understand visual messages and information, and how to create visual information.

Visual Literacy

Mind Map created with Bubble

Visual Literacy in the K-12 Classroom

Library Tour

Library Tour

Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised

In 1956, Benjamin Bloom created Bloom’s Taxonomy.
In 2001, it was revised by Lorin Anderson, a former student of Bloom.
Nouns were changed to verbs, and the top two categories switched spots.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised Posters

Blooming Butterfly Poster (domains)
Blooming Orange Poster (verbs)


Bloom’s Taxonomy Pirates of the Caribbean Style!


What do zombies and information literacy have in common?
They are both part of the fun in a unique new graphic novel called Library of the Living Dead!

“The library has just released an online 23-page library guide in graphic novel format called Library of the Living Dead that features students taking cover in the library from zombies run amok on campus, and the flight to safety becomes a point of departure for a blood-stained lesson, replete with decapitations, in the Dewey Decimal system and other library tools.” —Library Journal

Scene from "Library of the Living Dead"

Library of the Living Dead
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