Password Security

For some insight on how easy it would be for someone with a little bit of skill to figure out your password, read this article from Lifehacker:

The article also offers tips on how to create a secure password, and suggests using a password manager like KeePass or LastPass to keep track of your passwords.

Password Tips

Here are some tips you can pass along to tweens and teens, from the McAfee article:
Tips on creating p@ssw0rds for teens and tweens:

Tip 1: Use a vanity license plate: “GR8way2B”

Tip 2: Use several small words with punctuation marks: “betty,boop$car”

Tip 3: Put punctuation in the middle of a word: “Roos%velt”

Tip 4: Use an unusual way of contracting a word: “ppcrnbll”

Tip 5: Use the first letter of each word in a phrase, with a random number: “hard to crack this password” = “htc5tp”

I recommend also taking a look at McAfee’s 10-Step Internet Safety Plan.